Do you have the shakes, sweaty palms and a dry mouth? It sounds like you have just been asked to speak at your next meeting.

No worries, help is on the way.

I want to give you three keys to help you. The minute you decide that you will speak up and speak out something good will happen.

It becomes almost magical!

When you speak you will begin to set yourself apart from those around you.


1.Stand up: I know the moment you do you might ask ,why am I standing to volunteer to speak? Well, it may be that you are tired of the same old same old. And now is your time to make a difference.                 

 Let me encourage you ...Go For It!

2.Speak up: This means that you need to study and prepare; if you get ready the opportunity will come.  Often the big question is, what to talk about?  Start reading, watching and listening to things around you, there's no shortage of ideas. Perhaps at work you are the specialist in your product line, consider speaking about that.  Consider the areas that are of interest to you outside of work? The areas that you think about and lean towards are often a good source of speaking topics. Take the time to fill your well of knowledge,  and as you do, the well will overflow.  You can speak from this overflow, and you will find it almost effortless.

3, Sit down:  Sounds easy, yes? Now, think about all the times you have heard a speaker and realized that he was actually finished 15 minutes before he sat down.  When you speak, say what you have to say, and sit down. If not, two  facts will remain; 1. People will only remember that you went over your time  allotment. 2. It demonstrates a lack of respect for them and their time. Either way you lose. Always stay within the time you've been given, or ask the audience for a few minutes more to wrap it up.


Stand up, Speak up, and Sit down 

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